KNX Products

New KNX range: a simple, flexible and complete solution

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KNX is the international standard protocol for building automation in the residential sector (villas, large apartments) and the tertiary sector (offices, industries, schools, hospitals). It is adopted all over the world by a large number of certified and specialized installers.


Finder offers a simple and complete range of devices, which consists of:

- KNX motion detector for corridors  - Type 18.4K.

-KNX presence and movement detector - Type 18.5K

-KNX actuator - Type 19.6K

-KNX universal dimmer - Type 15.2K

-KNX power supply type 78.2K.1.230.3000

-KNX Universal Interface 2 - 4 outputs - Type 1K.02/1K.04

-KNX USB interface - Type 1K.UB

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