MasterIN System

Spring terminal for faster wiring and better clamping performance under movement and vibration

The Finder MasterIN System

With time saving Push-in technology

Finder presents its new MasterIN System Relay Interface Modules with Push-in terminals. The technology represents the latest evolution of the screwless ‘spring’ terminals, offering faster connection. Compared to screw terminals it brings better clamping performance under movement and vibration.


The MasterIN System incorporates the existing 39, 48, 4C and 58 Series Finder Relay Interface Modules, and caters for a wide range of applications including industrial automation and electrical panels. All new Types are identified by the letter “P” – for “Push-in” – in the product code.

The accessories for the MasterIN System are also new. Versatility, compatibility and integration were priorities for the Finder engineers in developing the new jumper links. Examples of this are the 2-way jumper links, which can be used for making interconnection between contacts of different types of sockets; and the 6-way and 8-way jumper links for the easy connection of the A1 / A2 terminals on the coil side.

The marker tag holder – for tags that can be used with CEMBRE's thermal transfer printers –has also been redesigned for improved visibility and legibility.

For the 39 Series – in addition to the 16-way jumper links – Finder offers the unique Terminal Doubler, which allows the quick and easy connection of two different wires into the same Push-in terminal.

All Relay Interface Modules are compatible with Finder’s 99 Series coil indication and EMC suppression modules, and are available in either plastic retaining and release clip (SPA), or metal retaining clip (SMA) vesions.

Another new feature of this range is the test probe aperture near each Push-in terminal, which allows the technician to insert a multimeter probe and make precise measurements in complete safety.