Project Gambela


Gambela is in Africa, between Ethiopia and South Sudan.
The local population lives mainly off animal rearing and subsistence farming.
The current situation is marked by severe poverty and a general lack of prospects for the inhabitants, particularly the women, who live in a disadvantaged social condition with few possibilities for emancipation.

Despite this, Gambela is a particularly fertile region with rapid expansion due to the favourable climate and abundant water supplies, and for this reason large domestic companies are investing in production and agriculture in the area.
Consequently, there is a need to provide the local inhabitants with education oriented to the job opportunities available to them.

The Don Bosco Technical Institute in Gambela provides vocational training aiming to give young people, particularly young women, the chance to build their own future, also beyond the rural environment.
The project will be running courses in engineering, construction, electricity, metalworking, woodworking, accounting, secretarial studies and business management, all recognised by the state, for 180 particularly poor young people, around 65% of whom are women.

The courses will be run in a new building equipped with several furnished classrooms, a computer lab with 20 computers, a projector, two printers, a photocopier and a Wi-Fi router.

Finder is providing concrete support to this initiative, and these Christmas wishes allow you to take part in the project. Together we are offering many young people the chance to build their own future through the values of education, sincere cooperation, women’s emancipation and gender equality.


Finder Project Gambela