Celebrating 25 Years of Finder UK!

This year marks Finder UK's 25 year anniversary since being established in 1993. Based in Stone, Staffordshire, Finder UK has developed and maintained a strong array of partners and distributors over the years, building great relationships whilst driving each other to success. We would like to thank them for the continued support and look forward to the future as this continues.

Since Piero Giordanino founded Finder in Italy in 1954, Finder has grown incredibly, and now has 24 subsidiaries across the globe. We, here in the UK, are proud to be a part of the Finder journey. Created in Turin by the determined Piero Giordanino with his patented step-relay, Finder is now a globally successful business across the world manufacturing over 12,500 products.


Here are some insights from the amazing Finder UK team, as we reflect back on the last 25 years:


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Jonathan Stanford, Managing Director, Finder UK:

"Finder UK was the group’s fourth sales subsidiary, established in the Midlands back in 1993 when the brand was known and respected for its high quality relays. Twenty five years later and Finder is a leading global player in the components market; manufacturing relays and much more. Finder has never lost sight of its values: It manufactures exclusively in Western Europe, investing heavily in automated processes; both in production and logistics. It is a private, family-owned company, and owes its success to the teams of people within the organization. In my twenty two years at Finder I am proud to have witnessed its strong and steady growth, and the respect that the company receives around the globe.”


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Andy Harris , Group Sales Manager, Finder UK:

"I’m really proud to be part of Finder as it celebrates 25 years in the UK. In that time, we and those before us, have established our brand in the UK & Ireland as a manufacturer of high quality components supported by a team of people based in Stone delivering excellence on a daily basis. People are the driving force of our company. Finder is supported by our long standing partners and together we are well placed to grow even further in the years ahead."


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Karen Lovell, Sales & Technical Administrator, who has been with Finder UK for 23 years:

"In all the years I've been with Finder and the many changes I have seen, Finder's customer service has always been key to the company's success.  I have seen Finder go from strength to strength, but it has never lost that family feeling, which makes it such a great company to work for."

We're looking forward to the next 25 years!